7 Common Puppy Actions and What They Mean

Puppies may bark for attention, as a greeting, in response to noises, or when playing. It's normal but train proper barking.


Whining can signal a puppy's need for food, water, companionship, bathroom break, or health issue. Respond to address their needs.


Puppies howl to bond with their pack. Discourage through distraction and correction unless you don't mind this behavior.


The play bow invite signals a puppy's desire to play. Bow back and engage in play or provide a toy to accept the invitation. 

 Play Bow

Puppies mouth to explore and learn. Redirect to chew toys, yelp if it hurts, and praise gentle play. They'll outgrow it.


Jumping demonstrates puppy excitement but should be discouraged. Teach four on the floor and reward calm greetings.

Jumping Up

Light nibbles and nips are normal puppy behavior for investigating and showing affection but shouldn't break skin. Say "no" then redirect


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