7 Surprising Facts About Newborn Puppies

Newborn puppies are essentially blind for the first 2 weeks of life. Their eyes don’t open until around 14 days old.

 Limited Vision  

Puppies can't regulate body heat. They rely on skin contact with mom and littermates to maintain a temperature of 95°.

Need Constant Warmth

Puppies sleep almost around the clock their first few weeks. Waking mainly to nurse from mom.

Sleep 90% of the Day

All dogs descend from wolves. Early domestication occurred over 30,000 years ago.

Ancestors Were Fierce  

Whines, yelps, grunts, barks communicate hunger, distress, contentment almost immediately

 Make Distinct Noises  

Mom stimulates elimination by licking puppies. Puppies can't poop/pee on their own initially.

Can't Urinate/Defecate   

Puppies weigh just 10-15 ounces at birth but reach 2 pounds in just 1 week's time!

Fast Growth

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