7 Must-Know Pet Safety Tips for Dogs at the Beach  

Even water-loving dogs can overdo it. Don't leave your dog unsupervised around water. Provide flotation aids.

Supervise Swimming  

Bring plenty of fresh water to prevent dehydration and salt toxicity from drinking ocean water.

 Fresh Water  

 Scalding sand can burn paws. Place your hand or bare feet on sand first to check it’s not too hot.

Check Sand Temperature 

 Apply dog-safe sunscreen on snouts, ear tips, bellies to prevent painful sunburn. Reapply frequently.

Use Dog Sunscreen  

 Pack gauze, tweezers, bandages, tape, antiseptic wipes and scissors to treat minor injuries.

First Aid Kit 

Respect local leash laws. Dogs may need to remain leashed or are prohibited from some beaches. 

Follow Leash Laws

Rinse your dog after swimming to remove salt, sand, ocean residue and pollutants from their coat

Rinse Off  

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