7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Feeling Satisfied and Full

Protein provides a satiating effect. Choose a food with 25-40% protein or supplement kibble with canned protein.

High Protein Food

Fiber swelling in the stomach signals fullness. Add green beans, pumpkin or raw broccoli to meals.

High Fiber Food  

Working for food extends mealtimes and occupies dogs. Use food puzzles to make them "work" for kibble.  

Meal Puzzles/Dispensers

Use lower calorie vegetables like carrots versus high calorie biscuits for training treats. Give very small amounts.

 Ration Treats

Chewing releases hormones that provide a sense of fullness. Offer chew toys between meals.

Provide Chew Toys

Moistening kibble makes it expand in the stomach, creating a fuller feeling for less calories.

 Add Water  

Exercising before meals builds appetite. Take a short walk then feed smaller portions.


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