7 Dog Breeds That Can Boost Your Mental Health

 Labrador retrievers have a calming presence and eagerly provide comfort and affection during difficult times.

Labrador Retrievers

The constant companionship of a caring Cavalier King Charles spaniel can ease isolation and loneliness.

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  

Maltese form strong bonds and intuitively sense human emotions. Stroking their fur releases calming oxytocin.  


 Chihuahuas thrive on being held and lap sitting which can relieve anxiety. They're portable comfort.


Poodles are attentive, empathetic and highly trainable for various psychiatric service tasks. 


Yorkies distract from worries with their spunky personalities and snuggly nature. They're always up for play.

Yorkshire Terriers

Loyal German shepherds provide a sense of security. Their intelligence allows specialized training.

German Shepherds  

Royal corgis loving life with the Duchess of York