Royal corgis loving life with the Duchess of York

Muick and Sandy were the Queen's final corgi pair before she passed away in September 2022.

Elizabeth's Last Corgis  

The corgis have moved to Prince Andrew's home at Royal Lodge Windsor, sharing pampered life with Sarah Ferguson.

New Royal Home

Andrew and Fergie adore the privilege of caring for the royal pups, giving them round the clock attention.

Spoiled Companions 

Muick and Sandy were constant companions to Elizabeth in her final years at Windsor Castle.

Beloved Pets  

The corgis enjoy long walks on the grounds, playtime and snuggling on Andrew and Fergie's cushy sofas.  

Fun & Games

Before moving, the corgis got to roam their old Windsor stomping grounds and say proper goodbyes.

Farewell Walks

Though no longer under palace care, Elizabeth can rest assured her pups are being thoroughly spoiled.

Secure Future

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