7 Bathing Mistakes Dog and Cat Owners Make

Human shampoo is the wrong pH for pets. Use a veterinarian recommended pet shampoo.

 Using Human ShampooTitle

Fully rinse away all shampoo to prevent dry, itchy skin. Soap left behind is irritating.

Skipping a Rinse  

Frequent bathing strips healthy oils. Bathe only when dirty or on vet's recommendation

Bathing Too Often

Cover ears with cotton balls before bathing. Water in ears can cause infection.

Getting Water in Ears

Trim nails at bath time when soft and clean. Long quicks recede with regular trims.

 Ignoring Nails

If your pet hates baths, make it positive with treats and a non-slip surface. Don't force it.

 Forcing It

Baths loosen fur for easy removal with a slicker brush. Brush thoroughly while drying.

Skipping Brushing

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