Why Dogs Twitch and Move in Their Sleep

Twitching occurs during REM sleep, when dogs dream. Their muscles tense as if acting out dreams.

REM Sleep  

Dogs may dream about normal dog behaviors like chasing, biting, and running. This causes twitches.

Natural Instincts  

Some breeds like terriers are prone to active sleep related to their energetic temperament.

Breed Tendencies

Puppies and seniors are more restless sleepers. Developing and aging brains prompt vivid dreams.


Twitching alone is normal. But see a vet if paired with whining, barking or waking up frightened.

No Cause for Concern  

Slight noises or movements may partially rouse your dog, blending sleep and wakefulness.

 Partial Waking  

Dogs seek heat regulation in sleep. Shivering and twitching helps adjust their body temperature.


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