Why Do Dogs Bury Bones and Other Goodies

Burying bones or treats saves them to dig up for future snacking. It's like "saving for retirement.

To Save For Later  

Dogs often bury items to hide their prized possessions from other pets in the home. 

To Hide From Other Pets

Burying food lowers the chance of attracting insects or bacterial growth compared to leaving it out.

Deter Bugs/Bacteria  

The caching tendency stems from wild dogs and wolves burying extra food to recover later.

Instinctual Behavior  

 Dogs don't fully understand kibble always comes from their bowl. Burying hedges future hunger.

For Future Survival 

 Dogs perceive burying as a way to claim ownership over items and prevent "theft."

To Possess and Protect  

The habit provides mental stimulation and enrichment.

Mental Stimulation  

Helping Cats Overcome Fear of the Vet