Why Do Cats Like Shoes?

Cats are naturally curious creatures. Their fascination with shoes is rooted in a desire to explore and investigate new scents and textures, satisfying their inquisitive nature.


They may see shoes as an extension of your territory. By interacting with your shoes, they leave their scent, marking them as part of their environment.

Territorial Instincts

Cats may find comfort in the confined space, creating a makeshift den that appeals to their need for security.

Comfort Zone

The textures of shoes, offer a variety of sensations for cats. They enjoy kneading and scratching, engaging their claws in a satisfying way on different surfaces.

Texture Appeal

Shoes, with their various nooks and crannies, mimic the environment of prey. Cats may pounce and play with shoes as a way to hone their hunting skills.

Hunting Instinct

Your shoes carry your scent, making them intriguing for your cat. Cats use their sense of smell to learn about their surroundings, and shoes become an olfactory playground for them.

Scent Exploration

Whether batting at laces or diving into a shoebox, it provides mental stimulation and a playful outlet for their energy.


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