What's Behind Your Dog's Howling Behavior

Howling allows dogs to communicate over long distances. It can draw responses from other dogs.


Some dogs learn that howling brings their human's running to check on them.  

Summoning Their People

Dogs may howl due to separation anxiety, confinement anxiety, noise phobias or obsessive compulsive disorders.


 Primitive breeds like huskies are more prone to frequent, instinctive howling. 

Breed Tendency

Certain sounds like sirens, harmonica, piano, or high-pitched noises can trigger howling.

 Triggering Sounds

 Some dogs howl for attention or out of boredom. It's important not to inadvertently reinforce attention-seeking howls.  


Howling could indicate pain, cognitive dysfunction syndrome or hearing loss in senior dogs. Have your vet check.

Medical Reasons

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