What Not to Say to Loss of a Pet

Pets are not interchangeable. Don't suggest replacing the pet quickly. It dismisses the uniqueness of their bond.

Just Get a New One

Pets are family. Don't diminish the loss by implying they don't warrant real grief. 

It Was Only a Dog/Cat

Clichés and platitudes in the face of grief are unhelpful. Simply listen and acknowledge their pain.

Happens for a Reason

Grief is still profound, regardless of a pet's age. Don't invalidate sorrow over "expected" loss.

Lived a Long Life

Grief has no timeline. Be patient and let them mourn at their own pace. Rushing is insensitive.

Get Over It

Each pet relationship is unique and irreplaceable. Offer compassion, not replacement.

Always Get Another One

 Let them decide what's best. Don't diminish their judgment or imply the death was beneficial. 

It's for the Best

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