What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

 A short meow is a basic greeting or request for attention from cats to humans. They seek acknowledgment.  

Short Meow  

Drawn out meows communicate urgency about something. Your cat likely wants food, help accessing a space, or attention.

 Long Meow

A frustrated cat may emit a fast chattering meow. Something they want is out of reach, like a bird in the yard.

 Chattering Meow  

Purring signals contentment. But cats also purr to comfort themselves when nervous, so context is important.


Trills combined with squinty eyes are indicative of happiness in cats. It often means they like something you're doing.


Chirps are friendly vocalizations cats use during greetings. Squeaks are higher pitched chirps when very excited.

Chirps & Squeaks

Growling and hissing expresses irritation, overstimulation, fear or confrontation. Leave an agitated cat alone.

Growling & Hissing  

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