What Are Vapor Wake Dogs?

 A dog's sense of smell is 10,000-100,000x better than humans. This makes them ideal for scent detection work.

Dogs' Amazing Sense of Smell

Vapor wake dogs undergo rigorous training to detect trace amounts of explosives and contraband. Handlers use rewards to reinforce desired behaviors.  

Training Vapor Wake Dogs

As people pass by, they leave behind a "vapor wake" containing microscopic particles. Dogs can track this wake to locate explosives and illegal substances.

How Vapor Wake Dogs Work

Vapor wake dogs help law enforcement detect potential threats at airports, venues, borders. Their non-invasive searching puts people at ease.

Detecting Threats

Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, and Belgian Malinois are common breeds used as vapor wake dogs. Their intelligence and drive make them excellent workers.

Breeds Used 

Unlike traditional detection dogs, vapor wake dogs don't need direct access to search subjects. This unique ability allows more discreet, passive screening.

Vapor vs Traditional Dogs

Vapor wake dogs train for over 400 hours to certify. Yearly re-certification ensures they maintain their exceptional detection abilities.

Rigorous Training

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