Water That Could Potentially Make Your Dog Sick

Standing water promotes algae and bacterial growth. Stick to flowing fresh water when outdoors.

Stagnant Water

Drinking ocean water can cause salt toxicity leading to vomiting, diarrhea, tremors. Rinse their mouth after.

Salt Water   

Chlorine and other chemicals in pools can upset dogs' stomachs. Prevent drinking pool water.

Pool Water 

Bacteria, parasites, toxins, debris and chemicals collect in puddles posing danger if consumed.


Still water frequently harbors parasites like giardia and cyanobacteria poisoning dogs if ingested.

Ponds & Lakes  

 Flood water may contain dangerous fungi, chemicals, waste and bacteria. Avoid it entirely.

Flood Waters

 Toilet water can transmit bacteria and contain cleaners that could make your dog sick. 

 Toilet Water  

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