Unique Cats With Adorably Short Legs 

With achondroplasia causing shorter limbs, Munchkins have a cute “low rider” look. But care is needed to avoid joint issues


A Munchkin and LaPerm crossbreed, the Skookum cat has a super short, sturdy body on intriguing curly furred legs. 


Lambkins have tiny legs like a Corgi dog. Continued outcrossing to longer legged cats helps avoid health problems.


Napoleons have very short forelegs with normal back legs. Only TICA currently recognizes this challenging breed.  


Kinkalows are feral short-legged cats found near the Sea of Azov in Russia. Unlike Munchkins, their legs retain flexibility.


A Munchkin and Sphynx cross, Minskins have sparse fur coating their tiny legs. Care is required to prevent issues from low mobility.


Occasionally, genetic mutations cause individual cats to have adorably shortened legs. Care must be taken with their activity levels.

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