Traveling Long Distance Safely with Dogs

Use a sturdy dog car harness attached to seat belt in back seat to keep dogs safe and prevent driver distraction.

Secure Them 

Plan for frequent potty & exercise breaks every 2-4 hours to allow dogs to relieve themselves & stretch legs.  

Pit Stops    

Ensure adequate temp control, fresh airflow & access to water in vehicle to prevent dogs overheating.

Climate Control   

Help high-anxiety travelers with calming aids like light sedatives prescribed by your vet, if needed.

Soothe Anxiety  

Dog-proof interior by covering seats, packing towels & cleaning supplies in case of car sickness or accidents.  

Proof Car  

Pack a pet first aid kit with medical essentials in case your dog becomes injured or ill during the trip.

Pet First Aid  

Bring proof of vaccines & medical records in case you need to visit a vet while traveling with your dog.

Health Records  

How Dogs Grieve and Finding Support