Top Large Dogs for Active Families 

Intelligent, gentle Golden Retrievers are incredibly patient with children. They love playing and cuddling.

Golden Retriever

Energetic Labrador Retrievers are obedient, friendly dogs. They get along great with kids but do require daily exercise.  

Labrador Retriever 

Smart, gentle Standard Poodles thrive in active families. They come in solid colors or multicolored coats.


Elegant, loyal Collies are gentle companions who bond closely with all family members. They need daily brisk walks.


Massive yet gentle, Newfoundlands are calm dogs that tolerate rough play. They make great swim buddies.


Huge yet docile Great Danes think they're lap dogs. They need training but are loving and playful with children.

Great Dane

Peaceful Greyhounds are affectionate dogs that enjoy lounging with families. Short sprints meet their exercise needs.  


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