Top Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Allergy 

With a light shedding single coat, the Balinese produces less Fel D1 protein than other cat breeds making them hypoallergenic.


The Cornish Rex has a thin, curly coat that doesn't hold much allergen. Their low dander levels cause less reaction in allergy suffers. 

Cornish Rex

Being hairless means no fur shedding and limited dander. Sphynx cats tend to be tolerated well by those allergic to cats.


With a fine, low shedding coat, Orientals release far less allergen than other breeds making them a decent hypoallergenic option.

Oriental Shorthair 

Siberians produce lower levels of Fel D1 protein. Their thick coats also trap dander to help minimize allergic reactions.


The Devon Rex has a fine, sparse coat that produces less dander. Their curly fur also reduces the distribution of allergens.

Devon Rex

With a short dense coat and lower Fel D1 levels, the Russian Blue can be easier for allergy sufferers to tolerate.

Russian Blue

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