Top Dog Breeds Perfect for the Office

Sweet, gentle, and eager to please, Cavaliers thrive on human interaction and make ideal office dogs.

Cavalier King Charles

Smart, adaptable, and hypoallergenic Poodles tend to be quiet and contained - perfect office companions.


Calm, gentle couch potatoes, Greyhounds make excellent napping companions under office desks.


Friendly, laid-back, and low energy, English Bulldogs enjoy being surrounded by people and napping on dog beds.


Cheerful and affectionate lap dogs, Havanese will brighten up any workplace environment with their upbeat personalities.


Charming and loving people pleasers, inquisitive Pugs can be counted on to make friends with everyone at the office.  


Cute, cuddly companion dogs, the Maltese will happily hang out at their owner's desk or in a compatible coworker's office.


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