Top Dog Breeds Known for Obedience

Intelligent and eager to please, German Shepherds top the list of most obedient breeds. They excel at search/rescue and police work.

German Shepherds

Poodles are extremely smart and highly trainable. Their upbeat attitude makes them a joy to train.


Driven and energetic, Border Collies love having a job to do. Their herding instincts make them highly obedient.

Border Collies

Golden Retrievers aim to please their owners. Their friendly nature and treat motivation make training easy.

Golden Retrievers

Dobermans are alert, athletic, and highly intelligent. Proper socialization and training are essential for this breed.

Doberman Pinschers

America's most popular breed, Labs are eager to learn new things. They thrive on human interaction.

Labrador Retrievers

The Malinois is an intense, hardworking herder. Their energetic nature requires extensive daily exercise.

Belgian Malinois

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