Top Dog Breeds for Farms

Exceptional herders, Border Collies help gather livestock with minimal guidance. Their energy and stamina are ideal for farm work.

Border Collies

Bold and tireless workers, Australian Cattle Dogs herd livestock without fear. Their weather-resistant coats suit farm life.

Australian Cattle Dog

With their intelligence, trainability, and protective nature, German Shepherds excel as all-purpose farm dogs.

German Shepherds

Bred to guard flocks, the Great Pyrenees is a patient, gentle giant devoted to its family and farm animals.

Great Pyrenees

Fiercely protective, Anatolian Shepherds are rugged livestock guardians that deter predators.

Anatolian Shepherd

Affectionate and hardworking, the striking Bernese Mountain Dog pulls carts and watches over farm animals.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Agile herders, Aussies have unlimited energy for working stock and overseeing farm activities.

Australian Shepherd

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