Top Athletic Dog Breeds for Active Owners

Smart, driven Border Collies excel at agility and love nothing more than an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise.


German Shepherds are working dogs that need vigorous activity daily. They make ideal athletic partners. 

German Shepherds

Bred for hunting and field work, Vizslas are athletic with lots of energy perfect for biking, hiking, and more.


Siberian Huskies thrive in cold weather and have tireless endurance perfect for running, sledding, and more.


Friendly Labs love to fetch, swim, and run. Their energy and enthusiasm suits an active, athletic lifestyle.

Labrador Retrievers

Dalmatians have seemingly endless energy and stamina, making them the perfect breed for athletic owners.


Nicknamed the "Gray Ghost" for their speed, Weimaraners need plenty of activity and long runs.


Top Dog Breeds for Runners and Joggers