Top 7 Worst Dog Breeds for Kids

Chow-Chows, known for their aloof nature. While they can be loyal, their temperament may not suit a household with energetic kids.


Dalmatians, with their high energy levels, may not match well with the unpredictable nature of young children. 


Chihuahuas, despite their small size, can be sensitive and may not tolerate rough handling from children. 


Shiba Inus, independent and reserved, may not be the ideal playmate for children. The traits that might make Shiba Inus less suitable for households with kids.

Shiba Inu

Bullmastiffs, despite their gentle nature, are large and may unintentionally overpower small children. Their are some potential challenges of having Bullmastiffs in a family setting.


Basenjis, known for their intelligence and independence, may find it challenging to tolerate the active nature of children. 


Afghan Hounds, with their regal appearance, may not have the patience for the unpredictable behavior of children.

Afghan Hound

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