Top 7 Traits Of Shikoku Dog Breed

Shikokus are exceptionally agile. Their nimble movements and quick reflexes make them stand out, showcasing a breed known for its athletic prowess.


Renowned for their intelligence, Shikokus exhibit problem-solving skills. Their sharp minds and ability to learn quickly make them adept in various activities.


The Shikoku is celebrated for its loyalty. Forming strong bonds with their families, these dogs are dedicated companions, creating lasting connections.


Shikokus are full of energy. Their lively nature and enthusiasm for outdoor activities make them ideal partners for those with an active lifestyle.


Known for their independent spirit, Shikokus possess a self-reliant nature. This trait adds a unique charm to their personality, making them fascinating companions.


Shikokus have a low-maintenance coat. Regular grooming and attention to their health ensure that they stay in optimal condition with minimal effort.

Low Maintenance

Engage in enthusiastic training sessions with Shikokus. Their love for challenges makes them responsive learners, fostering a strong bond with their owners.

Enthusiastic Training

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