Top 7 Teacup Dog Breeds

Chihuahuas, the pocket-sized pals. Known for their big personalities in small bodies, Chihuahuas are the top choice for teacup enthusiasts. 


Pomeranians, the fluffy delights. With their vibrant personalities and luxurious coats, Pomeranians are perfect teacup companions.


Yorkshire Terriers, the stylish companions. With their silky hair and confident demeanor, Yorkies make wonderful teacup pets. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Maltese, the elegant fluffballs. Known for their pure white coats and friendly nature, Maltese dogs are top choices for teacup enthusiasts. 


Shih Tzus, the regal lapdogs. With their distinct appearance and friendly temperament, Shih Tzus make delightful teacup companions. 

Shih Tzu

Papillons, the butterfly-like beauties. With their striking ears and playful spirit, Papillons are excellent teacup choices.


French Bulldogs, the compact charmers. With their adorable looks and affectionate nature, French Bulldogs make great teacup pets.

French Bulldog

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