Top 7 Scandinavian Dog Breeds for Cool Climates

Samoyeds, the fluffy Arctic dogs. Known for their friendly demeanor and thick coats, they thrive in cold climates.


Norwegian Elkhounds, sturdy and resilient. Bred for cold Scandinavian winters, their thick double coat provides insulation.

Norwegian Elkhound

Swedish Vallhunds, small but robust herders. With a thick coat and energetic nature, they adapt well to cooler temperatures.

Swedish Vallhund

Icelandic Sheepdogs, agile and weather-resistant. Evolving in harsh Icelandic conditions, they're well-suited for cool climates. 

Icelandic Sheepdog

Karelian Bear Dogs, fearless hunters. Known for their resilience, these dogs excel in cold environments. 

Karelian Bear Dog

Finnish Lapphunds, Lapland's versatile herders. Their dense double coat and adaptable nature make them ideal for chilly weather. 

Finnish Lapphund

Greenland Dogs, Arctic sled pullers. With strength and endurance, they're built for extreme cold. 

Greenland Dog

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