Top 7 High-Maintenance Dog Breeds

Afghan Hounds, the regal beauties. Known for their luxurious coat, grooming Afghan Hounds can be time-consuming.

Afghan Hound

Chow Chows, the independent aristocrats. With a thick mane, grooming and socializing Chow Chows require dedicated efforts.

Chow Chow

Poodles, the versatile show-stoppers. Their curly coat demands regular grooming, and their intelligence requires mental stimulation.


Bichon Frises, the fluffy bundles of joy. While they bring happiness, their coats need constant attention. 

Bichon Frise

Shih Tzus, the affectionate companions. Their long, flowing coat requires regular care. The considerations for those who choose these high-maintenance yet loving canine companions.

Shih Tzu

English Bulldogs, the charming couch potatoes. Their laid-back nature, Bulldogs need special care due to their wrinkled skin and respiratory issues. 

English Bulldog

Dalmatians, the spotted athletes. While known for their energy, their coat requires meticulous attention.


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