Top 7 Cat Breeds for Allergies

The Sphynx cat, known for its hairless coat, is an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Their lack of fur reduces allergens, providing a hypoallergenic option.


Balinese cats, with their luxurious long hair and minimal shedding, offer a beautiful and hypoallergenic solution for those with sensitivities.


The Devon Rex, with its curly coat, is not only a charming companion but also a low-allergen breed, making it a fantastic choice for allergy-prone individuals.

Devon Rex

Siberian cats, known for their thick, plush fur, surprisingly produce fewer allergens. Their friendly nature and hypoallergenic qualities make them a top choice.


The Oriental Shorthair, with its sleek coat and distinct features, is a hypoallergenic cat breed that provides companionship without triggering allergies.

Oriental Shorthair

Cornish Rex cats, with their short, wavy fur, are not only visually unique but also low on allergens, making them an excellent option for allergy sufferers.

Cornish Rex

Ragdoll cats, known for their gentle nature and semi-longhair coat, are surprisingly low-allergen, making them one of the best choices for allergy-prone individuals.


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