Tips to Soothe and Calm an Anxious Dog

 Structured training helps build confidence in anxious dogs. Work on focus despite distractions.  

Obedience Training  

Apply a ThunderShirt to provide comfort through gentle, constant pressure.

Anxiety Wraps   

Diffusers mimic “happy” pheromones to reduce stress and induce calmness.

Pheromone Diffusers

The gentle pressure of a dog-safe weighted blanket can have a calming effect.

Weighted Blankets  

Chews, treats and foods with calming ingredients like chamomile, hemp, ginger, etc.

Calming Supplements 

 Play relaxing music designed to lower heart rate and relieve anxiety in dogs.

Soothing Music  

Remove extra stressors like loud sounds, crowds or chaos to simplify the environment.

Limit Stimulus   

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