Tips for Introducing a New Cat to Your Home  

Slowly introduce the new cat's scent before full interaction. Let them gradually get used to each other.

Gradual Process 

Give new cat their own safe room with food, bedding, litter box. Let current cats inspect from outside.

Separate Areas

Swap bedding between new and current cats so they get used to each other's smells.

 Swap Scents

Feed cats on opposite sides of a door so they associate each other with positive things.  

Meal Together

After a few days, do short, supervised meet-and-greets until cats seem comfortable.

 Short Visits  

Introduce highest, then lowest ranking cat first. Save most territorial cat for last. 

Cat Intros

Have toys, treats ready to divert attention. Separate if signs of aggression appear.

 Prevent Fights   

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