Things Cat Owners Do That Cats Can't Stand

Cats dislike heavy petting that musses their fur. Pet gently along their back and cheeks instead.

Petting Too Hard

Cats give signals when annoyed. Learn to read ear and tail positions to respect their boundaries.

Ignoring Body Language

Cats want free movement. Don't trap them in rooms or block walking paths to avoid stressing them.

Blocking Access

Let sleeping cats lie! Cats value their rest and dislike being disturbed.

Waking Them Up 

Cats have sensitive hearing. Loud music, vacuums, or slamming doors can hurt their ears.  

Loud Noises

Surprising cats by sneaking up on them or touching unexpectedly can provoke aggressive reactions.

Startling Them

Cats want affection on their terms. Picking them up or cuddling when they don't want it is very annoying.

Forced Affection

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