The Most Low Energy Dog Breeds

English Bulldogs are totally content lounging on the sofa and make smooth, easygoing companions.

English Bulldog

Despite their giant size, Great Danes are gentle giants who are happiest relaxing next to their owners.

Great Dane

Basset Hounds are couch potatoes that will amble along at their own slow speed during leisurely walks.

Basset Hound

With their independent personalities, Chow Chows are mellow dogs that like time alone to nap and observe.

Chow Chow

Retired racing Greyhounds are low key, laidback dogs when not racing. Sweet loungers!


French Bulldogs have plenty of charm in a small body and enjoy being lapdogs.

French Bulldog

The Cavalier KCS is an affectionate, gentle breed that thrives on naps and cuddles.

Cavalier King Charles

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