Surprising Tidbits About Beagles

A Beagle's nose has over 225 million scent receptors - they can pick up scents over long distances other breeds would miss!  

Passionate Sniffers 

Beagles use a broad range of unique baying, howling and yodeling calls to communicate - and sometimes just when they are happy!

Vocal Dogs

Driven by their super sniffing ability, Beagles will follow an interesting scent trail wherever it goes if not leashed or fenced.  

Curious Wanderers    

Originally bred to trail rabbits and hares, Beagles today still frequently get distracted chasing smaller animals.

Rabbit Hunters 

While grooming needs are moderate, Beagles do shed more than some other family dog options.  

Moderate Shedders

Smart and food motivated, Beagles outwit their owners to get into things they shouldn't through complex maneuvers. 

Clever Problems Solvers  

Beagles range from under 10 lbs to over 30 lbs allowing for a very customizable size in the breed.  

Adaptable Size

Dogs Least Likely To Wander Off