Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Your Dog to Sit

Have tasty treats, a clicker, leash, and training collar ready before each session.

Gather Supplies

What motivates your dog - food, toys, praise. Use this to reward desired behavior.

 Find Motivation 

Show treat above dog's head saying "sit." Guide into position if needed. Reward for sitting.

 Introduce Cue

 Frequently practice "sit" command. Keep sessions short and upbeat. Reward each time with treat

Practice Daily

When dog connects word with action, add a hand signal like palm facing up. Use together.

Add Hand Signal

Slowly change locations and distractions level to strengthen the behavior. Stay positive.

Vary Environments 

Avoid overusing "sit." Ask for it only when you will reinforce with reward. 

Use Sparingly

Teach Your Dog for Better Behavior and Bonding