Reasons Your Dog Has a Stinky Odor

Bad breath is often a sign of periodontal disease. Brush teeth and get professional veterinary dental cleanings.

Bad Breath  

Bathing and grooming can reduce mild body odor. Talk to your vet if odor persists despite good hygiene.

Body Odor

Diet change may help reduce excessive gas. See your vet to rule out underlying gastrointestinal issues.


Foul ear odor indicates infection. Seek treatment promptly to avoid permanent damage.

Ear Infection

Advanced dental disease causes foul breath. Professional cleaning and extractions may be needed.

Dental Disease

Some skin infections cause foul smells. Topical and oral medications often clear it up.

Skin Infection 

Impaction and infection causes bad anal gland smell. Vet can express glands or show you how.

Anal Glands

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