Quick Facts on Unique Basenji Dog Breeds

Basenjis originate from central Africa, where they were prized by locals for hunting small game and controlling village rodents. 


Though short-haired, Basenjis groom themselves like cats. They don't bark but make a unique yodel-like vocalization when excited.


Energetic and athletic, Basenjis demand vigorous daily exercise like running to stay happy and healthy.  


Weighing 24-26 lbs full grown, this medium-sized breed is powerfully built and stronger than their small stature suggests.


Basenjis are generally healthy but prone to intestinal issues, progressive retinal atrophy, Fanconi syndrome and other genetic conditions.


Expect to budget $1,500+ for a Basenji puppy from a responsible breeder. Adoption also remains an option.


Alert, curious Basenjis can adapt well to families with older kids but supervision is still required around little ones. 


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