Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Techniques

 Reward desired behaviors immediately with treats, praise or play to reinforce them. This shapes behavior.

Mark & Reward  

 Stop rewarding for learned behaviors to help your dog generalize them. Use intermittent rewards to maintain them.

Remove Rewards  

 Use the same cue words, rewards and techniques daily. This prevents confusion and speeds learning.

 Be Consistent  

Training should feel like a game! Praise excitedly, use high-value treats, and keep sessions short and sweet.

Make It Fun

Set your dog up for success by managing the environment. Don't let them practice unwanted behaviors.

 Prevent Mistakes

A marker like a clicker pinpoints desired actions. Reward immediately after you mark.

Use a Marker  

Determine what motivates your dog - praise, toys, food. Use their preferences as rewards.

 Motivate Your Dog

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