Picking the Healthiest Dog Breeds Guide

Energetic Collies, Siberian Huskies and vizslas thrive on lots of exercise. An active home is best for these athletic breeds.


Low key Cavalier King Charles spaniels and bulldogs don't require much exercise. Their relaxed temperament suits laidback owners.  


Follow tailored nutrition guidelines for size, age and health factors. Some breeds are prone to weight gain so limit treats.


Breed-specific screening helps detect issues early. Common concerns include joint problems in large breeds and back issues for dachshunds.   

Vet Care

Consider not only purchase price but also recurring costs for food, supplies, grooming and healthcare over a dog's full lifespan.


Crossbreeds tend to have increased health and genetic diversity. Doodles like Goldendoodles often inherit hypoallergenic coats too.


Adopting slower older dogs limits training but is rewarding. Senior rescues still have much love left to give the right home.

Senior Dogs

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