Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Insure

Frequent vet care for respiratory issues makes English Bulldogs costly to insure. Average annual premium is $1,644.

English Bulldog

Multiple health issues like cancer and elbow dysplasia make this breed expensive to insure at $1,616 annually.

Bernese Mountain Dog

 Orthopedic conditions, size and perceived aggression earn Rottweilers high insurance premiums of $1,601 a year. 


Huge size and predispositions to bloat and orthopedic disease result in high veterinary costs for Great Danes.  

Great Dane

 Hip dysplasia and other joint diseases mean big vet bills for German Shepherd owners, making insurance pricier.

German Shepherd

Cancer predisposition and joint issues make insurance premiums high for this popular breed, averaging $551 annually.

 Golden Retriever  

America's most popular breed also faces serious joint disease and obesity, earning them costly insurance premiums.

Labrador Retriever

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