Large Cats Breeds to Adore

With males reaching 25+ pounds, the good-natured Maine Coon is America's native longhaired giant. Their size invokes an imposing aura.

Maine Coon

Affectionate and docile, the large Ragdoll goes limp when cuddled. Their semi-long silky fur makes them appear even bigger.


Savannahs are a hybrid cross between domestic cats and servals. Tall and long-legged with exotic markings, they are also intelligent and energetic.


Adaptable Norwegian Forest Cats have legendary dense, water resistant fur. Sturdy and athletic, their size matches their strength.  


Chausies result from crossing jungle cats with domestic breeds. Though tall and long, they have a affectionate yet active temperament.


Serengetis descend from Bengal cats crossed with Oriental Shorthairs. Their long torso and legs give an impression of great size.


Siberian cats have a feral ancestry facing harsh winters and scarce food. Their barrel-chested bodies contain dense fur and muscle.


Unique Cats With Adorably Short Legs