Know About Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

 Irritants like dust, pollen, foreign objects, etc. can trigger spasms resulting in reverse sneezing.

Nasal Irritation

Reverse sneezing episodes typically only last around 30 seconds or less.

Short Episodes

Smaller breed dogs and those with elongated nostrils are prone to frequent reverse sneezing.

Normal in Some Dogs   

Though jarring, reverse sneezing isn't usually dangerous. Stay relaxed to avoid worrying your dog more.

 Stay Calm  

Lightly massage the throat to help relax muscles and open airways.

Gently Massage Throat  

Blowing gently on your dog's face helps interrupt the spasm.

Blow Air In Face  

Control dust and switch to unscented laundry detergent if those seem to trigger episodes. 

 Limit Irritants  

Tips to Soothe and Calm an Anxious Dog