Key Ways to Care for Dogs in Winter  

Book wellness checks before winter to ensure your dog is healthy to withstand the cold.

Schedule Vet Visits

Wipe and dry dog paws when coming inside to remove ice, salt, chemicals and boot grit.

Wash Paws  

Limit time spent outdoors in frigid temperatures to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.

Monitor Time Outside

Ensure your dog has a cozy bed away from drafts and chilled floors to sleep comfortably.

Provide Warm Bedding

Gently massage achy joints and apply warm compresses to ease arthritis pain.

Massage Joints

Protect paws with dog boots on snowy, icy walks where salt and chemicals are used.

Use Booties 

Put a dog sweater or coat on brief potty breaks to keep your dog's core warm.

Add Layers  

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