Keeping Pets Safe During Hurricanes and Storms

Have crates, leashes, food, meds, medical records, and supplies ready to evacuate with pets.

Pet Go Bags  

Ensure pets wear visible, up-to-date ID at all times in case you are separated.

 Current ID   

Research shelters' pet rules in advance. Many limit number, size and species.

Know Shelter Policies 

Arrange an emergency caregiver inside or outside the storm area in case you can't care for pets.

Designate Caregiver

Install hurricane shutters and clear yard of debris that could become projectiles. 

Home Preparation  

Heed all evacuation orders in your area. Don't wait until it's too late to leave safely.

Listen for Warnings

Don't leave pets tied in the garage where storm surge can drown them.

Garage Safety  

How to Handle Puppy Whining and Crying