Is Your Cat a Pure Breed?

Identifying whether your cat is a pure breed involves understanding its physical characteristics, such as coat color, pattern, body structure, and facial features.


Authenticating lineage through official records and certificates provides insights into the cat's heritage and validates its purebred status.


Reputable breeders keep detailed records and can provide information on the cat's lineage. A reliable breeder's confirmation is a key indicator of your cat's purebred status.

Breeder Verification

Advances in DNA testing can accurately determine a cat's breed heritage. This scientific approach provides undeniable evidence of your cat's purebred status.

Genetic Testing

Pure breeds adhere to defined standards, encompassing everything from coat texture and color to eye shape and overall body proportions.

Purebred Traits

Seek professional advice from a veterinarian. Vets are trained to recognize breed-specific characteristics and can offer valuable insights into your cat's heritage.

Consult a Vet

A combination of visual identification, documentation, breeder verification, genetic testing, knowledge of breed traits, and veterinary consultation. 


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