Can Dog Poop Harm Your Garden? 

 Dog feces can transmit harmful organisms like roundworm to humans.

Diseases and Parasites   

Urine can deliver too much nitrogen to grass, causing brown patchy spots.  

Nitrogen Burn Spots  

No one wants to play or relax in a yard littered with pet waste.

Gross Factor  

As long as feces is promptly picked up, it won’t harm grass or plants. 

Minimal Impact if Removed  

Responsibly composted poop provides organic nutrient enrichment to soils and plants.

Free Fertilizer  

Hardscapes like pea gravel paths and robust plantings handle urine better.

Use Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Teach dogs commands like “go potty” and “leave it” to curb random waste deposits. 

Train Dogs  

How Do You Know When to Put a Dog Down?