How to Tell if Your Dog is Happy

When happy, dog ears are neutral and eyes are soft/semi-closed. Ears back/eyes avoidant signal stress.

Relaxed Ears & Eyes

A happy dog has a loose, wiggly body. Tense, rigid muscles indicate stress or anxiety.

Loose Body  

Happy tails wag eagerly from side to side. Low, stiff wagging shows insecurity.

 Tail Wagging  

Rapid panting and smiling during play shows your dog is having fun.

Happy Panting  

Dogs lick faces of people/dogs they trust and are fond of. It's a sign of affection.

Licking Your Face

Lowering front legs while keeping hind end up signals a happy, playful mood.

Play Bows  

If your dog goes nuts with joy seeing you, take it as a compliment! 

Greeting Excitement

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