How to Help Stray Dogs Survive the Cold Winter 

Offer an insulated doghouse stuffed with straw bedding and blanket. Or bring the stray indoors to a kennel or garage

Provide Shelter  

Feed healthy, high protein foods to provide calories for generating essential body heat.  

Supply Food  

Use heated bowls to prevent freezing. Add warm water for drinking.

Provide Water  

Get medical treatment for injuries, frostbite, starvation, dehydration. Vaccinations protect from disease.

Arrange Vet Care

Brush snow/mud from coat. Trim hair if matted. Avoid moisture against skin.

 Groom Frequently 

Limit time outdoors. Use dog boots and coat in frigid conditions. Watch for limping and pad injuries.

Walk Sensibly  

Contact local rescues and authorities to pick up stray dogs in need of help.   

 Report Sightings  

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