How to Handle Puppy Whining and Crying 

 Don't respond to whining. This rewards the behavior. Wait for silence then reward or let puppy out.

Stay Quiet  

Make the crate comfy with treats and toys. Feed meals inside. Create only good associations.

Keep It Positive

Introduce the crate gradually. Build from short sessions of a few minutes, to longer periods. 

Start Slow

 A puppy tired from play and training accepts the crate more readily for naps.

Tire Your Pup 

Enforce naptime in the crate regularly to manage overtired crankiness.

 Schedule Timeouts  

Play calming music to drown out night cries. Change tunes if pup associates sound with alone time.

Nighttime White Noise  

Crate training takes consistency and time for puppy to become comfortable. Stick with it!

 Patience & Persistence   

Checklist for Responsible Pet Owners