How to Determine Your Dog's Age

Larger dogs age faster in the beginning but have shorter overall life spans compared to toy breeds.

Size Matters

 At 1 year old, most dogs equal the maturity of a 14-15 year old teen in developmental stage.

 1 Year Old   

By age 2, dogs have the equivalent maturity and physical ability of a human 24 year old.

 2 Years Old

At 4 years old, dogs are the equivalent of being in their mid-30s - still energetic and youthful.

4 Years Old

By 7 years most dogs enter middle adulthood like humans in their late 40s to early 50s.

 7 Years Old

At 10 years old dogs are approaching senior status, similar to humans entering their mid-60s.

10 Years Old

 Dogs over 13 are considered geriatric. It equates to humans being over 70 years old.

13+ Years Old  

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